Guy Stainthorp. Copyright Alex Schlacher

I grew up in Hertfordshire, and from an early age enjoyed field sports including hunting and fishing with my father. It’s hard to pin-point the start of my love affair with knives, but it was no doubt encouraged by my fondness for the outdoors, survival skills and martial arts. This probably facilitated my first encounter with "man’s iron claw" and, catalyzed by 80’s action movies and a vivid imagination, my interest was born.

While perfecting my craft, I spent 11 years manning the doors of Nottingham nightclubs, did a stint in Royal Marines, and built a career as a fitness instructor and mixed martial arts trainer. These days, however, I devote most of my time to making knives in my north Staffordshire workshop.

Over my career to date, I have had the honour of being awarded the Knives UK "Best in Show" award an unprecedented 3 times. I continue to support the show and all it does to promote a responsible knife scene in the UK.

Outside of work, my passion in life is still the great outdoors, and in particular hunting, fishing and wilderness camping. I am an avid deer stalker and rifle shooter, and this is reflected in many of my knife designs. If i'm not out with a rifle, then you'll likely find me casting a line for pike or dabbling in archery....but always with a knife on my belt!